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PureBond Maple Maple 4.76 (17)
 The natural warmth and beauty of real maple gives the decorative face veneer a splendid appearance that forms the foundation for impressive DIY creations, such as serving trays, end tables, pet food centers, footstools, wall pockets, shelves and more.
  • Panel features rotary cut maple decorative veneer responsibly sourced from timberlands in the United States and Canada.
  • The decorative top and bottom veneers, each measuring approximately 1/42" in thickness, exhibit the beauty and timeless quality of natural hardwood, suitable for painting or staining
  • Domestic veneer core contains 100% natural wood bonded with a formaldehyde-free, soy-based assembly process.
  • Easily create lasting, beautiful furniture, cabinets and more.


1 day ago
Excellent plywood

I am a professional woodworker and have been a member of your pure bond fabricator network for years. I believe strongly in this product. Not only are the plywood panels the best to work with, the formaldehyde free purebond glue is great. I no longer get that formaldehyde choke in my throat when cutting the panel and the formaldehyde free panel is a great selling point to my customers. I have written into my client contracts that this is the product I will be using and the health of their home will benefit. I build all of my cabinet boxes with pre-finished maple plywood and use a lot of your other pure bond panels depending on the species called out for the job. Here is an example.

3 days ago
Great for those with limited local resources

Here in my part of California there are no hardwood dealers so limited to local big box home depot or liwes. Fortunately HD has purebond available in a few different species. No Walnut, grrrr cant fail them for that i suppise. The outer veneers are flawless and look amazing unlike other brands where only one side is usable. With Purebond you arent required to pull out the entire stack to find a goid sheet. All i ever do is make top sheet doesnt have edge damage from mishanlding in the store and you can rest assured your sheet will be perfect.

6 days ago
Best Plywood Made!!!

We use the UV PUREBOND maple plywood on the interior of all our custom kitchen jobs. Its as slick as glass and very easily cleaned if you spill something on it. Much better than the old luan plywood we used years ago that you could never get slick. it was like rubbing up against 80 grit sandpaper. This UV PUREBOND has such a good finish that we sometimes get overspray on it finishing the exterior of the cabinet that we will take lacquer thinner to cut it off without any harm to the UV finish. Thanks PUREBOND!!!

7 days ago
Maple Plywood - Dense

I recently used this product for some painted cabinets. They finish came out great the individual coats on the smooth plywood finished well. The price at the time of purchase was about 40 usd a sheet which was great for 3/4 ply. The veneers are thick and the tearout was minimal even without scoring the veneer or taping. Great product.

8 days ago
Best Plywood to use

I've been using PureBond exclusively for builds for about 1.5 years. Much better than the normal stuff the big box stores carry. No gaps in layers, cuts well, and lots of different types available.

8 days ago
Great plywood

I just recently used some maple veneered purebond to build shelves for a classroom. This stuff works and looks great! No voids, flat, stable, and uniform. Definitely worth using if you're not already!