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PureBond Maple Maple 4.8 (30)
 The natural warmth and beauty of real maple gives the decorative face veneer a splendid appearance that forms the foundation for impressive DIY creations, such as serving trays, end tables, pet food centers, footstools, wall pockets, shelves and more.
  • Panel features rotary cut maple decorative veneer responsibly sourced from timberlands in the United States and Canada.
  • The decorative top and bottom veneers, each measuring approximately 1/42" in thickness, exhibit the beauty and timeless quality of natural hardwood, suitable for painting or staining
  • Domestic veneer core contains 100% natural wood bonded with a formaldehyde-free, soy-based assembly process.
  • Easily create lasting, beautiful furniture, cabinets and more.


6 months ago
Great Product

I use the maple plywood all the time, and on all size jobs and applications. It is easy to use, it come is flat, no warping. It is just a great product.

6 months ago
High Quality Plywood

I use many species of PureBond plywood in my cabinets. It stays straight ,veneer is very flat, color and thickness is consistent from sheet to sheet, no delamination issues. Very nice to work with.

6 months ago

This is a quality maple plywood for furniture construction

6 months ago
consistent good quality

I have been building cabinets on a small scale for 40+ years. Until a few years ago, I used fir plywood for the interior of my box units. A salesman convinced me to start using D3 maple for the interiors and B2 for the exterior panels. While this has cost a little more than the fir, the consistent good quality of the plywood reduces waste and saves time. I have also used the PureBond walnut, oak, and mahogany plywoods.

6 months ago
Excellent product.

Very satisfied in this product. We use them in our cabinetry manufacturing.

7 months ago
Best plywood for any job!!

We have been using PureBond maple to create climbing peg boards for 6 years! It is extremely strong and can withstand the punishment of the busiest gyms!