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PureBond Walnut Walnut 4.71 (7)
Panel features plain sliced walnut decorative veneer responsibly sourced from timberlands in the United States and Canada. The decorative top and bottom veneers, each measuring approximately 1/50" in thickness, exhibit the beauty and timeless quality of natural hardwood, suitable for painting or staining Domestic veneer core contains 100% natural wood bonded with a formaldehyde-free, soy-based assembly process. Easily create lasting, beautiful furniture, cabinets and more.  


8 months ago
Great plywood

I do a lot of work with hardwood and plywood. I love this because when building carcasses you can’t visibly tell the difference between purebond and actual hardwood. It’s a pleasure to work with because it’s dead flat and doesn’t have any voids. Highly recommend!

9 months ago
Gorgeous look for an amazing price

One of the hardest things for me is being able to get my hands on good solid hardwoods, and getting enough to build actual full size projects with. Being able to use high quality plywood like this gives me much more versatility in making projects I have been wanting to make but simply couldn't get my hands on enough solid walnut or just couldn't afford it. The quality of this stuff is amazing and being such a novice new woodworker having quality wood like this and getting a gorgeous finished project is the best feeling. I will be using this stuff for a very long time, and recommending it to anybody I can.

9 months ago
Looks like hardwood

I used Purebond in a bar as the cabinet and it was such a pleasure to work with. It cut cleanly and finished really well.

9 months ago
plain sliced walnut is where its at

The purebond walnut has a nice grain consideration that works well for door panels.

9 months ago
Best Plywood that I ever used

When you look for plywood clean and perfect to work with

9 months ago
Good looking veneers

I've made quite a few projects with purebond with few complaints! The walnut veneer, while on the thin side (as most modern plywood veneers are), are quite beautiful and perfect for furniture projects.