“With Columbia’s primed panel, we just scuff sand the surface and it is ready for the paint coat. For us, it eliminates the application of a primer and reduces the whole process including the drying time. It cuts out several steps.” – Dale Nesbit, Owner, Harbortown Cabinets

Bookshelves made by FirstStep by PureBondColumbia Forest Products offers FirstStep®, pre-primed, ready-to-use hardwood plywood panels. This labor-saving product eliminates one to two steps in the finishing process (sealing and priming), thereby increasing your productivity and efficiency. The panels are coated with low VOC primer that will help attain and maintain adhesion of paint to the substrate. Your finished product will have a better final appearance because any substrate defects will be masked, providing a smooth and uniform finish coat. Just sand for smoothness, then paint! Learn more about this product.