Maximizing Accessible Storage

Maximizing Accessible Storage in a Limited Space

No matter how large our homes, it seems as though there’s never enough storage space. Whether it’s the bedroom, the kitchen or even the family room, most people can always use more storage! Maximizing Accessible Storage. PureBond hardwood plywood. Maximize your kitchen storage by adding extra shelves in cabinets

Here are a few ways you can maximize your accessible storage space and accomplish just that:

  • Maximize storage space in cabinetry- Including items like shallow shelves and door-mounted baskets will make more efficient use of cabinet space.
  • Use space under cabinets- Installing plinth drawers under cabinets is a good way to store items that aren’t used every day.
  • Interior organizers- Adding functionalities to your cabinets such as smooth-running, fully extending drawers is a good way to increase your accessible storage.