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about 1 year ago
Looks nice

Was buying it for a more durable outer side, I see the thin layer covering the (probably) poplar layers. Would of been happier if the outer layer was thick, maybe not as thick as the door veneer yet thick. This stuff chipped very easy when they cut it at the store. Going to have to lose a little bit. Hope it works and doesn't get destroyed when I try to create wth it. Need to think it out, may use something else....

over 2 years ago
Best plywood!

I’ve been woodworking for 6 years now and this is my plywood of choice. It’s on par with the local lumber yard shop grade plywood in terms of quality at a much lower price!

AromaticCedar See all reviews
over 2 years ago
Great for Closets

I recently remodeled a closet for my wife and used this cedar plywood. It looks great and also smells great.

Hickory See all reviews
over 2 years ago
The best!

This wood is so beautiful and very well the best!!!

over 2 years ago
walnut panels

We just went through about a bunk of 3/4" walnut mdf for a whole house renovation. Many sheets were sequenced so we were able to use them strategically in our design. All sheets were free from defects. What we love about Purebond, though, is that it has no added formaldehyde, as we are the ones cutting the panels in the shop.

over 2 years ago
Beautiful Walnut Projects

The Walnut veneers supplied by Purebond are far superior in color and grain to anything I've found, short of custom ordering sequenced matched materials. My high end clients demand the best. Purebond makes that easy!!!