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PureBond Birch Birch 4.92 (48)

 Features decorative rotary cut birch veneers on the face and back, which exhibit the warmth and beauty of natural hardwood to supply your carpentry creations with visual allure that defies trends.
  • Panel features rotary birch decorative veneer responsibly sourced from timberlands in the United States and Canada.
  • The decorative top and bottom veneers, each measuring approximately 1/42″ in thickness, exhibit the beauty and timeless quality of natural birch hardwood, suitable for painting or staining
  • Domestic PureBond veneer core contains 100% natural wood bonded with a formaldehyde-free, soy-based assembly process.
  • Easily create lasting, beautiful furniture, cabinets with classic, lasting, mid-modern flair.


about 1 year ago
My go-to for plywood

I use a laser cutter + plywood frequently for all sorts of projects, and love CFP's Birch PureBond. Clean cutting results, and smooth, consistent surfaces have made me a frequent buyer. Clean ingredients, no formaldehyde and FSC certified woods make me even happier to use it.

about 1 year ago
Killer Plywood

As an architect, my signature detail is using an exposed sanded edge plywood. PureBond Birch provided the number of "Ply's" I'm looking for with no voids.

about 1 year ago

customer love the fact its formaldahyde free , and faces always look great !

over 2 years ago
Awesome Plywood!!

I make things for my shop all the time.. I use PureBond plywood for all of my projects!

over 2 years ago
PureBond for the Win!

Regular plywood just wasn’t cutting it. While searching for quality material to utilize for our various projects, we discovered that PureBond Plywood is the very best plywood available at the big box stores. PureBond plywood is now our top choice for any projects that require plywood. We have used PureBond plywood to make toy boxes, custom wooden signs, drawers, workbenches, and more! Not only is the quality great, but it is also environmentally friendly.

over 2 years ago
Absolutely Great Product!

I am honestly so glad I came across this product! The construction is such high quality I love using all of these different plywoods in my projects now!