Skagit Architectural Millwork

Skagit Architectural Millwork, a LEED® cabinetry leader.

The Skagit River, running from northern Washington state and up into British Columbia, is home to one of the largest wintering bald eagle populations in the continental US, and is a rich spawning habitat for five native salmon species, two species of trout, and hoards of snow geese. It is a rich and beautiful river, designated as a national scenic asset. Just blocks away from its banks is a millworking company that borrows its name and is known for exceptional commercial projects with a LEED focus: Skagit Architectural Millwork.

For 27 years Craig and Alison Wells have been doing things that others can’t; building very complex shapes with certified green materials. From boutique hotels such as Portland’s Heathman Hotel to boardrooms for the likes of; this shop knows how to deliver signature looks in the form of cabinetry, unique wall paneling and furniture.

Their excellence comes from their experience, their commitment to quality, and their investment in state-of-the-art machinery. “We’re known for doing the projects that require serious craftsmanship,” says Craig Wells, “curved shapes: reception desks, panels, hand rails… we simply make things to the best of our abilities using the best materials, hardware, assembly and joinery. We do not cut corners. For example we use 3/4″ material where others use 5/8″. We do it right.” Using such beautiful FSC-certified woods as ash, cherry, mahogany and sapele, one look at the projects on their website and the difference is clear.

When choosing materials, of course sustainability and air quality have become issues they consider. “Three or four years ago we started seeing specs from architects that wanted formaldehyde-free materials, like PureBond® hardwood plywood. Then it was FSC-certified wood products. Now it’s just become commonplace to choose those materials when working on our projects.”

Their work is predominately commercial, and is becoming increasingly LEED focused however that doesn’t mean they won’t build a kitchen for you! As Wells explains “We believe that we are part of our local community and with that comes responsibility to others. No job is too small for us. We love working with local individuals and we find it important. We want people to know our door is always open.”

Skagit Architectural Millwork is Quality Certified “Premium” – the highest grade – by the Architectural Woodwork Institute.